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rl crack


...it is so good I don't have kids. Because, as much as I make fun of the Apples and Moxie Crimefighters of this world, I become infatuated with certain names in correlation with certain fannish passings. When I was reading LOTR (2010-2011) Erestor seemed like a dignified name until I said it out loud and realized it sounded like "Arrest Her!"

What about the dark sad period of my life known as 2009 when I eagerly waited for updates on an ff forum called 'good, complete Twilight works' which TELLS YOU SOMETHING ABOUT A FANDOM BUILT ON ...a bad piece of epic-length fic.

but Carlisle was old-fashioned and swoony.

now I swear to god this is unrelated in that there is no character by any such name in Teen Wolf but I met a latina named Astrid and I just melted inside.

In my defense, I love those older Mexican names like Amparo and Presentación.

but what happens when I move on? I always love to revisit certain special fandoms like some kind of salmon-spawning instinct leads me back to Ares, Bantrim & Xanthe's fics... X-Files, Sentinels, ST/SW and I am really grateful that I was born just shy of the Teen Mom generation, otherwise little Chakotay Jacen Fox would be a super pissed teenager right now.

I should have already learned this lesson--when I was Nursery Director at my church, they dedicated one of my toddlers in a ceremony and the parents had to explain to the agnostic/atheist congregation that "Trinity" was named after a badass movie character and NOT anything religish. WHEW what a relief!

God I love my church. And one day when I present Malek Tiberius Stark to those pews of retired Physicists and Philosophy professors... I want no confusion:

Mama begat you from a nerdgasm <3